Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finger In The Nose...

This is a cool children's clothing brand from France called 'Finger in the Nose' (hiiilllarrious.) Who doesn't want their kid to look ultra fashionable and hip? Looking at these children models I notice a contrast from what I've seen children wearing these days, like guys wearing girls jeans... seriously, what IS that?


I've always liked how Microsofts Zune mp3 player allows users to link up with others and trade tunes. Being an iPod user it made me jealous that I couldn't just snag a dope song from my roommate. This little gadget allows users to link their iPod quickly and trade tunes, although I'm curious as to how users would select music to exchange and how the interaction as a whole works. Curious indeed.

Capsule Inn at an Airport.

I first saw capsule hotels during the Nogano Olympics in... 5th grade? A capsule hotels are sleeping pods, consisting mainly of a bed, a small TV, and sometimes a vending machine or a sink. capsule hotels are generally stack three pods high and are very very cozy.

A Capsule Inn or Sleep Box is a concept geared towards travelers that have long layovers in airports. We've all been there, 7 hour
layover till your next flight, you're exhausted and all you want to do is sleep comfortably till your next flight arrives. Unfortunately, all airport benches have armrests so you can't spread out. It's either sleep sitt
ing up or sleep on the ground... but what's this? A small box in the hotel you can sleep in comfortably for a few hours?!?!

Personal Space in a Public Place

I am currently doing research right now on how people can create personal, intimate zones in highly crowded public areas when I came across this chair concept. It reminds me of the blinders farmers put on horses so they wont spook. It's a nice idea, but the chair seems a little claustrophobic.

This is a tight knife block I found the other day, not really something I think I'd want to buy, but it's still a beautiful execution of a unique concept. The wood and white compliment each other really well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Society of Spectacle and a World of Warcraft Wedding?

Ok, so I took the Guy Debord reading as a chance to talk about World of Warcraft as a representation of reality. World of Warcraft is a representation of reality, however, people often meet on WOW and become friends, some even get married... Which means that this representation of reality, is no longer a representation, but actual reality. Then I became curious as to whether anyone's actually ever gotten married, IN the virtual world. It took me less than ten seconds to find this youtube video of a World of Warcraft wedding.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I came across this cool outdoor relaxation area on design boom. It's a structure that is just layers of plywood to create a private areas with a hammock and seating.